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When planning to study abroad it is important to introspect before taking the plunge. It is essential to make an informed decision before you head towards a higher education abroad. There is a wide range of schools, countless areas of study and specialty degrees.

If you are interested in studying business, you are not relegated to just general study, but can choose from many concentrations : accounting, marketing, international business, business management, Engineering management, business administration, or finance. (There are many more!) This type of specialty study is available at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level, too.

U.S. offers various options to choose from according to your academic and cultural preferences.U.S. universities and colleges may differ from those in your home country in several ways. At the undergraduate level, students can choose different courses before they declare their choice for major at the end of second year. This gives students time and options to explore their interests. So, if you are undecided about your field of study it is absolutely alright.

 You can still apply stating that you are undecided about your major. Also, if you have already decided what you want to study, you can still study another subject and complete a "double major",  i.e. a degree in two subjects within the normal four year of study.

Types of higher education institutions :

  • Doctoral Research Universities
  • Master's (Comprehensive) Universities and Colleges
  • Baccalaureate Colleges
  • Associate of Arts Colleges
  • Specialized Institutions
  • Post secondary Vocational and Technical Schools

1. State College Or University - A state school is supported and run by a state or local government. Each of the 50 U.S. states operates at least one state university and possibly several state colleges. Many of these public universities schools have the name of the state, or the actual word “State” in their names: for example, Washington State University and the University of Michigan.

2. Private College Or University - These schools are privately run as opposed to being run by a branch of the government. Tuition will usually be higher than state schools. Often, private U.S. universities and colleges are smaller in size than state schools.

Religiously affiliated universities and colleges are private schools. Nearly all these schools welcome students of all religions and beliefs. Yet, there are a percentage of schools that prefer to admit students who hold similar religious beliefs as those in which the school was founded.

3. Community College - Community colleges are two-year colleges that award an associate’s degrees (transferable), as well as certifications. There are many types of associate degrees, but the most important distinguishing factor is whether or not the degree is transferable. Usually, there will be two primary degree tracks: one for academic transfer and the other prepares students to enter the workforce straightaway. University transfer degrees are generally associate of arts or associate of science. Not likely to be transferrable are the associate of applied science degrees and certificates of completion.

Community college graduates most commonly transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete their degree. Because they can transfer the credits they earned while attending community college, they can complete their bachelor’s degree program in two or more additional years. Many also offer ESL or intensive English language programs, which will prepare students for university-level courses.

If you do not plan to earn a higher degree than the associate’s, you should find out if an associate’s degree will qualify you for a job in your home country.

4. Institute Of Technology - An institute of technology is a school that provides at least four years of study in science and technology. Some have graduate programs, while others offer short-term courses.

Types of degree offered :

1 . Associate Degree : Academic degree of 2 years is awarded by Community Colleges. Completion of associate degree can lead to transfer to the remaining 2 years bachelors

degree in high ranked university having an articulated agreement with the community college.

2. Bachelors Degree : It is Commonly known as Undergraduate Degree and the duration is of 4years. For Eg : Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

3. Masters Degree : The duration generally for all the masters course is of 2 years. Common examples of master degree are Masters of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of

Engineering (MEng), Master of Business Administration. But some courses like MBA, Executive MBA, law, the duration may be of one year also.

4. Doctorate : Commonly known as Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Duration may range from 3‐5 years. Ph.D. students need to submit a research proposal as well as have to appear Standardized Test i.e. GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS for admission.

In the United States, Students with Bachelor's degree may apply directly into doctoral program without first earning master degree in some majors.

For MBA and Management Programs : GMAT / GRE (Any One)  TOEFL / IELTS / PTE (Any One)

For all Masters courses other than management programs : GRE / TOEFL / IELTS / PTE (Any One)

  • Coaching : June, July, August
  • Self Study & appear for GRE / GMAT / SAT : September
  • Results : October
  • Start Applications Procedure : October
  • Fall Intake Deadlines Commences : November onwards till May
  • I-20’s (Offer Letter) : March to June
  • Visas : May to July
  • Fly to US : Mid August
  • Coaching : December, January, February
  • Self Study & appear for GRE / GMAT / SAT : March
  • Results : April
  • Start Applications Procedure : April
  • Fall Intake Deadlines Commences : July onwards till October
  • I-20’s (Offer Letter) : October to December
  • Visas : November to December
  • Fly to US : January
  • Tuition Fees (2 years) :  22,00,000 (rs), 35,484 (Dollars).
  • Living Cost (2 years) : 10,00,000 (rs), 16,129 (Dollars).
  • Toatal : 32,00,000 (rs), 51,613 (Dollars).
  • Assistantship / Scholarship : Yes
  • Nature of part time jobs on campus 20 hrs per week.

Part TIme Jobs

Positions Include :

  • Teaching Assistantship
  • Research Assistantship
  • Fellowship
  • Hourly Employment-Food Services, Library, Event Co-ordinator, Laboratory Assistant, etc.

Full Time Jobs (Average Salery)

MS Computer Science - 47 Lakh INR

Masters in Management - 45 Lakh INR

MS Mechanical Engineering - 41 Lakh INR

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