• Student Name : Pritesh Joshi
  • Country : Newzealand
  • Course Name : Operations & Production Management
  • University Name :
  • Experience with mission career :  It was actually a great experience studying here in newzealand being a small country it is fully advance in every aspect my experience with the university was extraordinary as the teaching was on another level as was based on more research work then that of mugging up things.where my consultancy mission carrer played an important role in my life as their guidance and proper care to each and every student with helping staff proved very beneficial.

  • Student Name : Ankit Jain
  • Country : Newzealand
  • Course Name :  P.G. Diploma in Computer Science
  • University Name : The University of Waikato, Hamilton
  • Experience with mission career : The interaction with is fabulous who helped me in every stepping to finalize the entry for studying abroad. I heartily appreciate the extended co-operation from Mission Career and wish them ultimate gain of reputation in their field-truly obliged. Thank You.

  • Student Name : Rohit Vijaykishan
  • Country : Newzealand
  • Course Name : Post Graduation Diploma in Science (Pharmacology)
  • University Name : University of Auckland
  • Experience with mission career : I just want to say thank you so much for all the help and support provided by Mission Career. Mission Career’s the one who has helped me when I literally lost all hope of going to New Zealand as Bank rejected my loan. I am impressed by the services provided by Mission Career. Thank you so much for the support and help.

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