What is A SoP?

SOP-for Statement of Purpose, which is the most important document for the application. It is the deciding factor for your admission in that university. It gives knowledge to the university authorities of what kind of a person. Highlight your professional interests and the influential points for your career path.

The Statement of Purpose is not supposed to be a to the point question and answer paper. A good SoP is one which responds to most of the questions using short stories, life incidents. Irrespective of your SoP being fact-full or artistic, it has to be very well written. It has to be expressive and précised. The SoP is also increases your admission chances in case your grades (or GPA) are slightly low.

Why Is It So Important?

This is because the SoP is the only part of your application packet over which you have full control. Your academic and extra-curricular records are in the past. Choose wisely your recommendation letter writers because they play a very important role in the entire application process because they give a brief description of your overall personality from a second person point of view!

How to Write Best SoP for MS?

Every year, hundreds of thousand applications are filled up by the young science graduates to have their further studies (Masters) from National prestigious institutes, but only a few of them get selected. A major number of student applications get rejected due to their unprofessional SoPs. When writing an SOP, always think from the side of the University. What should be the different X factor about you that would make them admit you? How is your story different from others?

The SOP should consist of the following parts :
  • Format for Writing Statement of Purpose
  • 1st Paragraph (Why Masters in.....) :
    • What is your aim in life?
    • Your career goal- for ex to pursue postgraduate/doctoral studies in that field
    • You have to also include
    • Why chosen this field?
  • 2nd Paragraph (Show Academic Excellence) :
    • High light your excellence in academics, rank & GPA.
    • Show consistency towards the field, write in short about subjects covered (especially Linked with your specialization of masters) during bachelors.
  • 3rd Paragraph (Technical Details & Skills Learnt) :
    • About your projects ,practical training, paper presentation seminars/symposiums
    • Attended. Include any technical awards, publications, Technical journals.
  • 4th Paragraph (Work Experience - Roles & Responsibilities) :
    • It should show your technical skills, managerial skills, skill to handle two or three Subordinates, result oriented team development etc.
  • 5th Paragraph (Extra Curricular Activities) :
    • Excellence in sports, dramas, music, debates etc.
    • Volunteer Community Activities.
  • 6th Paragraph (Long Term Goals) :
    • Where do you see yourself after 10 years?
  • 7th Paragraph (Why this University) :
    • 1) Why you like the program at the University highlighting concentration Offered.
    • 2) It should be tailored to the University, showing your interest & match with the Research activity of the institution.
    • 3) Add some names of professor in whose work you are interested.
  • Note : (Visit the website of the institute - Research page, know the particular Research interest.)

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