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Korean universities offer live translation of lectures

Universities in South Korea have begun using automated translation services in their classes, in an effort to make them more accessible to international students.

Since March, Cheongju University has used an AI-powered tool to translate lectures from Korean into Chinese, English and Mongolian, with other languages available as required. Elsewhere, the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) is trialling English translations in one of its School of Environment and Energy Engineering classrooms.

In Germany, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has used its own lecture translation tool since 2012. Today, it has the ability to translate German into English and French, and English into German, French and Spanish. The university continues to work on adding more languages to this list.

06 APR 2024

Korean universities offer live translation of lectures
More people have Australian student visas than ever before

The number of English-language degrees in the Netherlands will be cut

Universities in the Netherlands have announced plans to reduce the number of their bachelor’s degrees that are taught solely in English by almost a third. To achieve this, four courses will become Dutch-only, and 35 will have a Dutch-language option introduced. In addition, the institutions want to bring in an enrolment quota for 27 of their English-language courses. Subject to government approval, the changes are intended to be made for the start of the 2025-26 academic year.

05 APR 2024

Canada will make a PGWP rule change earlier than expected

The government of Canada has confirmed that a change to the eligibility requirements for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) will be made on May 15, and not September 1, as previously announced. From then on, students who enrol at a private college that is licensed to deliver courses on behalf of a public college will be ineligible for a PGWP. According to a government spokesperson, the timing has been brought forward “to discourage colleges from modifying fall semester start dates”.

04 APR 2024

Canada will make a PGWP rule change earlier than expected
More people have Australian student visas than ever before

More people have Australian student visas than ever before

A record number of people (713,144) had a student visa in Australia at the end of February, according to official data. This is a rise of 20 per cent on the previous year (582,758), and 23 per cent on 2020 (567,924), before the Covid pandemic. Despite the rise, fewer student visas are being approved. In March, the government said that the amount granted was down 35 per cent year-on-year.

03 APR 2024

International student numbers rebound in New Zealand

A total of 27,535 international students were enrolled at universities in New Zealand during the first eight months of 2023, the country’s government has announced. This is 15 per cent higher than the equivalent number for 2022 (24,040) and 20 per cent lower than that for the whole of 2019 (33,830). The latter was the last year before the Covid pandemic led to the country temporarily tightening its borders. Now, the recently elected government says it wants continued growth in international education, calling it a “priority” to attract more students from a wider range of countries.

26 MAR 2024

International student numbers rebound in New Zealand
More international education policy changes will take effect in Australia this week

More international education policy changes will take effect in Australia this week

The government of Australia has announced that more changes to its international education policies will take place on Saturday (March 23). As reported in December, the country is raising its English language requirement for student visas from an overall IELTS score of 5.5 to 6.0, and the requirement for graduate visas from 6.0 to 6.5. In addition, it will begin to use its power to suspend a minority of “high-risk education providers” from recruiting international students. The changes will be introduced at the same time as the previously announced Genuine Student test, which will form part of visa applications.

22 MAR 2024

Australian student visa applications are changing this week

Changes are being made to the application process for Australian student visas from this Saturday (March 23). As part of a new Genuine Student test, applicants must answer a series of questions on subjects including their circumstances, their motivation for studying in Australia, and how their course will help them. This will replace the requirement of a 300-word personal statement. In addition, applicants must sign a new visa declaration, confirming that they understand their responsibilities as a student in Australia, and that they are not guaranteed the right to stay in the country after their studies end. 

21 MAR 2024

Australian student visa applications are changing this week
Many students are learning English to protect themselves from AI

Many students are learning English to protect themselves from AI

Four in every ten learners of English as an additional language are studying it with the aim of lessening the impact of AI on their career, according to a global survey. More than 5,000 students from five countries on four continents were asked about their thoughts on learning English by an international education publisher. Other findings include that 80 per cent think English skills link directly to earnings; 51 per cent believe they bring more varied job opportunities; and 72 per cent feel they could make their work easier.

18 MAR 2024

International student wins big award at the Oscars

The winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, is a former international student. The performer, who won the award for her role in The Holdovers, developed her craft during a summer spent studying at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford. Elsewhere, the award for Best Actor went to a former student of an Irish university. Before finding fame, Oppenheimer‘s Cillian Murphy studied law at University College Cork

12 MAR 2024

International student wins big award at the Oscars
Government of Ireland scholarship applications close this week

Government of Ireland scholarship applications close this week

The deadline to apply for a 2024/25 Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is this Wednesday (March 13), at 5pm Irish time. The country offers the scholarship to 60 outstanding postgraduates from around the world each year. Successful applicants receive a year of free tuition and EUR 10,000 for living costs. Applications are expected to reopen for the 2025/26 academic year in December.

10 MAR 2024

International students in Germany can now work more hours

From this month, employment rules for international students in Germany. have been relaxed, allowing them to work for up to 20 hours each week. Previously, working time was capped at 10 hours per week. The rule change applies not only to current students – including those undertaking vocational training and language courses – but also to prospective ones who are in the country while seeking somewhere to study.

08 MAR 2024

International students in Germany can now work more hours
The UK granted fewer study visas last year than in 2022

The UK granted fewer study visas last year than in 2022

The number of study visas granted by the UK decreased by 5 per cent in 2023, to a total of 457,673. Despite the decline from a record 485,758 in 2022, the figure remains the second highest ever seen in the country, and 70 per cent larger than that for 2019 (the last year before the Covid pandemic). By contrast, the number of dependant visas – issued to family members of students – increased by 7 per cent, to a total of 143,595.

05 MAR 2024

International students are thinking carefully about policy changes

More than half of people aiming to study abroad (55 per cent) are aware of international education policy changes in their intended destination, with 30 per cent rethinking plans, according to new research. The findings come from IDP’s latest International Student Pulse Survey, which was undertaken amid major changes in the UK, Australia and Canada. Of the students who are now looking at alternatives to their preferred destination, the most (23 per cent) have begun considering the USA, where policy changes have been less significant.

04 MAR 2024

International students are thinking carefully about policy changes

'Historic gift' makes tuition free at a New York medical school

No student at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine will ever pay for tuition again, after a USD 1 billion donation that the school describes as “historic”. The gift has been given by one of its former professors, Ruth Gottesman, who has spent decades developing and helping fund research across the field of healthcare. The college, where 3 per cent of students are international, says that the “transformational” donation is the largest ever made to a medical school in the USA.

28 FEB 2024

Quebec universities take government to court over tuition fee rise

Quebec’s McGill University and Concordia University have launched legal action against their provincial government over its plan to raise tuition fees for non-local students by 33 per cent. The increase would take annual fees from CAD 8,992 to CAD 12,000 in the next academic year, with some of the additional money raised being directed towards French-language institutions. The universities say that the plan discriminates against English-language institutions and speakers, and hope that their court case will halt its implementation, before it is ruled illegal.

27 FEB 2024

Africa leads growth rates for international students in Canada

Eight of the 10 countries with the fastest-rising numbers of international students in Canada last year were African, according to official statistics. Guinea rose most quickly, with a 180 per cent yearly growth to 4,745 study permit holders, and was followed by Ghana, for which numbers grew 167 per cent to 9,235. The African country with the largest growth was Nigeria. After its 113 per cent rise to 45,965 students, only three nations are sending more to Canada.

21 FEB 2024

International applications to UK undergraduate courses have increased

A total of 115,730 applications have been made by international students to UK universities’ undergraduate courses this year, a rise of 0.7 per cent from 2023. The figures come from the country’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), who add that trends vary for students from different countries. While applications from China and Türkiye increased by 3 and 37 per cent respectively, those from Nigeria and India decreased by 46 and 4 per cent. The data does not include applications for postgraduate courses.

15 FEB 2024

Dutch universities plan to manage international student numbers

Universities in the Netherlands have announced plans to manage their international student intake, and place more emphasis on the Dutch language. Members of Universiteiten van Nederland, the country’s association of universities, intend to place limits on enrolment numbers for bachelor’s degrees taught in English, and stop recruiting at large international student fairs. In addition, the universities will develop no new English-language bachelor’s courses, and make efforts to increase the amount that are taught in Dutch.

14 FEB 2024

Scotland want to offer a five-year post-study work visa

The government of Scotland has reiterated its desire to offer an extended five-year graduate visa to international students with the publication of its first international education strategy.

The Scottish Connections visa would replace the country’s current two-year post-study offer, if it achieved the government’s aim of independence from the UK. Holders would be eligible to settle in Scotland when their visa expires, with the option of becoming a citizen. In addition, applications would be open to both new and returning graduates.

The visa proposal is just one aspect of the overall education strategy, which emphasises the country’s intent to become increasingly attractive to international students, graduates and researchers.

09 FEB 2024

The charge for international students to access healthcare in the UK rises today

The yearly cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge, paid by international students for access to the UK’s National Health Service, rises from GBP 470 to GBP 776 today. The charge is a compulsory part of applying for a UK student visa, but is not imposed on those who use a visitor visa to study for less than six months, providing that they make their application from outside of the country. Separately, the National Union of Students (NUS), who campaign for the rights of students in the UK, have called for the charge to be stopped, as well as the limit on international students’ working hours.

06 FEB 2024

Former international student becomes mayor of UK city

Abigail Marshall Katung has been elected Lord Mayor of Leeds, the place where she came to study from Nigeria in the year 2000. The University of Leeds graduate went on to become a business owner, college governor and local councillor in the city, for which she will hold her new, non-political role for the next 12 months. Marshall Katung says that in her experience, “You learn how to make a difference wherever you are planted”.

02 FEB 2024

Most international students in New Zealand rate their experience positively

A total of 84 per cent of international students in New Zealand say their experience of the country has been positive, according to a new government survey. The country’s 2023 International Student Experience report also found that 83 per cent would recommend it as a study destination, and that 88 per cent felt positive about its people and the connections they made there. Almost 4,800 students completed the survey, representing more than 70 different nationalities.

01 FEB 2024

Canadian provinces take action after international education policy changes

Regional governments in Canada have responded to the country’s recent international education policy changes by taking further action that will affect universities and students. In Ontario, where more than half of Canada’s international students are based, provincial leaders will soon require colleges and universities to guarantee the availability of housing options for all of those who arrive. In British Columbia, the province with the second most international students, institutions must now make tuition fees for the duration of a course clear to potential applicants, helping them plan their finances before enrolling.

31 JAN 2024

Emmanuel Macron Launches 'Classes Internationales : What it Means For Indian Student

During his recent visit to India, Macron said that France intends to establish international classes that will allow students without prior French competence to enroll in the country’s universities. He had also said there would be a simplified visa application process for former Indian students who have studied in France.

Macron had also presented a plan to welcome 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030. Sharing a post on microblogging site X, he said, “30,000 Indian students in France in 2030. It’s a very ambitious target, but I am determined to make it happen.”

30 JAN 2024

City University of Hong Kong named the world's most international university

Times Higher Education has given City University of Hong Kong first place in its 2024 ranking of the world’s most international universities. The list rates universities’ proportion of international students and staff, as well as their global reputation and collaboration. Three other Hong Kong universities feature in the top 10 – including last year’s number one, the University of Hong Kong – along with three from the UK, two from Switzerland and one from the UAE. The latter, Abu Dhabi University, appears on the list for the first time, in second place.

25 JAN 2024

International Day of Education dedicated to learning for peace

UNESCO is using this year’s International Day of Education (January 24) to highlight how learning can help make the world a safer place. The UN agency has given the day the tagline Learning for Lasting Peace, which it is using as a basis for a range of projects and events. In particular, it is focusing on the power of education in fighting hate speech, and building fairer and more inclusive societies.

24 JAN 2024

UK universities pledge to follow new guidelines on education agents

More than 60 universities in the UK have signed up to follow the Agent Quality Framework, a set of guidelines that aim to improve their use of education agents for international students. Within the framework are a package of training for agents and counsellors developed by the British Council; guides to ethics and good practice for agents and universities; and a guide for students on choosing a good agent. Each will be used by the universities as they seek to expand their international student numbers in the safest and most responsible way.

23 JAN 2024

Canada makes significant policy changes for international students

The government of Canada has announced a range of international education policy changes that will affect current and future students, graduates, and their families. With the measures, they hope to “stabilise the number of international students in Canada”.

22 JAN 2024

Some UK universities ease requirements for international students

A number of universities in the UK are becoming less rigid with the grades they require from international applicants, including the highly rated University of York. The Russell Group institution says it is taking a “more flexible approach to international offer holders who miss their grades”, something it compares to the clearing system for UK students. The move is part of efforts to attract more students from outside the country, which is a goal of many universities this year.

19 JAN 2024

Ireland is making plans to welcome more international students

Ireland has announced its aim to increase the number of non-EU students in its education system by 10 per cent by the end of the decade. Among a range of efforts to achieve this, the country intends to further develop its offering of online and cross-border learning, enhance its scholarship programmes, and place an increased focus on the overall experience of studying in Ireland. The goal is part of the country’s new Global Citizens 2030 strategy, which sets out its ambitions to strengthen its position as a prime location for study, research and work.

16 JAN 2024

Australian universities urge government to support international students

Australia’s highly regarded Group of Eight universities have set out their recommendations for the continued support of international students to the country’s government. In their response to a consultation on the future of migration policy, the universities encourage the government to ensure that the value of international students is respected and promoted. More specifically, they call for a graduate visa scheme that encourages more students to stay and work in the country; assurances that visa processing times will not increase when that is put into place; and for international PhD students to remain eligible for graduate visas until they are 50. The recommendations follow the announcement of several international education policy changes in December, and are in part a response to them.

12 JAN 2024

More students are coming to South Korea for education and employment

The number of international students in  South Korea is rising, the country’s government has found, with many hoping to stay there after graduation. The recent Immigrant Stay and Employment Survey reported that 188,000 were enrolled in May 2023 – excluding those studying short courses – which is 25,000 more than in May 2022. In addition, 63 per cent of international students said they wanted to stay in Korea after graduation – up from 55 per cent in 2020 – while 11 per cent chose the country as they believed it would help their career prospects.

10 JAN 2024

Buenos Aires has more than 50,000 international students

A total of 52,707 international students were in the Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires in 2022, according to a new report from the city’s government. Of these, 20,945 were studying at university, while the remaining 31,762 were enrolled on short courses (such as language programmes). Overall, this represents a decline from the 85,699 that were enrolled before the Covid pandemic in 2019, but the number of international university students is close to that year’s figure of 21,735.

09 JAN 2024

University of Glasgow rated as the most sober-friendly in the UK

Research by a national accommodation provider has identified the University of Glasgow as the UK’s best for students who do not drink alcohol. The university was given the description on account of having 344 sober societies – student social groups that are not geared towards alcohol – and 19 student support services. The second and third most highly rated institutions were the University of Manchester and University College London, where more than half of students are international.

08 JAN 2024

International education policy changes take effect for 2024

Policy changes that will affect international students come into force in the UK and Canada today.

Students coming to the UK can no longer bring dependants – defined as children or long-term partners – with them, unless they are PhD or postgraduate research students. In addition, it is no longer possible to move from a student visa to a work visa before completion of studies.

In Canada, funding requirements have doubled. Applicants for a study permit in the country now need to show that they have CAD 20,635 in funds, in addition to the cost of their first year’s tuition and travel.

You will be able to keep up with all of the important international education news in 2024 on this page.

01 JAN 2024