1. What is an package application?
  • Ans
    Application Forms
    Application Fees
    Transcripts and Mark Sheets
    Financial Aid Form
    And the requirements as per the university
2. When is the right time for submitting an application to the universities?

Every foreign University / College has their intakes during a year. Some have two intakes while others may have three or only one or a rolling intake during the academic year. Majority Institutions in a particular country follow the same intake. Hence, you should initiate steps for admission process at least one year in advance for the respective intake. In some cases, you could begin these steps 3-4 months in advance as well.

3. What are the entry requirments to be accepted into a course?

Every University has it’s set of eligibility criteria which mostly includes minimum academic requirements, English language and entrance test requirements, relevant work experience etc. Your education counsellor can help you identify relevant programs as per your profile

4. What if one does not have the minimum entry qualifications?

For Undergraduate Studies If the student does not have formal qualifications, he/she can undertake a Foundation course, which usually lasts one academic year. Many colleges run the Foundation courses, as do many Universities.

For Postgraduate Studies¬†Students who do not have a formal degree or relevant work experience, but have satisfied the course tutor that they have a flair for the particular course, may be admitted to a Postgraduate Certificate program. A PG Certificate program usually lasts six months and comprises the first semester of the appropriate master’s degree. On showing good performance in the postgraduate certificate program, one can claim admission to postgraduate diploma and subsequently to a master degree, without any waste of time.

5. Student has below average grades in high schooln or school.Will he/she get admission

Yes, one can get admissions even if he / she has below average grades in academics. There are several good Universities abroad and they understand that students sometimes lose focus and do not concentrate on their studies. They even understand the Indian academic system as they are in close co-ordination with us. These Universities will be ready to give one a second chance.

6. Can one work while studying overseas?

It depends on the length and type of program you will be attending. Your eligibility to work will be shown on the immigration stamp in your passport. International students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during term days and full time during holidays. Many institutions have ‘Job Shop’ to help students find part-time jobs. Job vacancies are also advertised in newspapers and online.

There are also many national and regional employment agencies, run by both government and private organizations, which can advise on the broad range of opportunities available to their client businesses and industries. Most employers will want to see your resume and sometimes; they take an interview before hiring.

7. What is financial aid?

Financial aid is a means by which students can reduce or eliminate the expenses that they will incur in the course of their education overseas.

8. What are financial aid packages?

A University offers a financial aid package, which consists of scholarships / grant and an on-campus employment program for the student. Hence this package helps students to pay a significant amount of their total expenses while studying overseas.

9. What is TA(teaching assistantship)?

Teaching assistants assist a professor by teaching an undergraduate class or checking exam papers. They are paid for this job, which covers most of their expenses while at the University.

10. What is RA(research assistantship)?

Research fellowship / assistantship is an award that allows you to work in the capacity of an assistant to a professor on the research project assigned to him. As a research assistant, the student receives the tuition waiver or pays in-state tuition fees and earns additionally to sustain living expenses through their education.

11. What are SFG's?

SFG is an initial used for Scholarships / Fellowship / Grants.


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1. Is it tough to get Visas?

Student visas can be obtained given proper documentation. Most of the applicants from India who provide a confirmed offer from a University / College abroad and evidence of financial support for tuition fees and living costs are issued visas.

2. From where can one get the visa application form?

The Visa application form is available, free of charge, from the Consulate. Alternatively, you could collect the same from your education counselor.

3. How much money do i need to show at the time of applying for Visa?

There is no upper-limit to an amount of funds that you should show for your Visa Interview. However, you should show a little more than is necessary to cover your expenses abroad.

4.What questions will they ask me in Visa interview?

Relax, there is absolutely no need to be nervous about the ‘Student Visa Interview.’ The people at the counter are friendly and will not grill you or have you for lunch! However, you should be thoroughly prepared for the questions.