PHD – Doctor of Philosophy

Mission Career works with its students to help streamline their thoughts and aspirations in connection with their research interests.

If you have a research-oriented mindset and are passionate about your chosen field for research, you would want to pursue your research interests at universities that offer unique research and funding opportunities with state-of-the-art facilities to help you achieve your research goals. If your aim is to pursue a PhD degree  program, you will need to evaluate the doctoral programs available at various universities to select the one that is apt for you. Our study abroad consultants will help you with university selection, based on various criteria – ranging from scholarships to research jobs – to ensure that the program is a good fit for advancing your career prospects. The choice of country and city is also an important factor in deciding which graduate school to apply to. Whether you wish to pursue PhD degree in USA or other countries, based on your requirements and research opportunities, our study abroad consultants will help you with country-specific requirements and other preparations – be it training for the GRE, creating impressive resumes or writing outstanding Letters of Recommendation and Statements of Purpose – to ensure high chances of gaining admits from top universities across the globe.  With our other services, such as assistance with the visa process and financial assistance, the entire admission process is handled smoothly with little left to chance.

Services We Offer

Mission Career  works with the students to help streamline their thoughts and aspirations in connection with their research interests. The counseling starts with an understanding of the student’s motivation to his short-term and long-term career plans. These inputs play a pivotal role in creating an action plan for the student who wants to pursue a phd degree.

Creating & Building a Profile

Universities evaluate PhD degree aspirants differently than graduate students. The Admission Committee wants to see research undertakings, paper publications, paper presentations, etc. Mission Career mentors its students in profile building by helping them explore options to build their profile in accordance with their research interests.

University Selection

During the process of PhD degree, Mission Career reflects upon each student’s objectives and aspirations to define a university strategy that is aligned to the candidate’s research interests and that creates a platform for career growth. Supporting our recommendations, Our study abroad consultants  provide detailed analysis and feedback regarding student experiences, career opportunities, etc.

Resume and Cover Letter

Writing an effective resume and cover letter highlighting your potential for research is very important as this will likely be the first communication exchange that you may have with your potential mentor and faculty advisor. Once you study abroad with Mission Career , we ensure that this document is succinctly crafted but yet demonstrates the candidate’s motivation and yearning to contribute to the ongoing research at the university.

Essay and Reccomendation

Essays and recommendations are perhaps the most critical aspect of the application process. Having a strong resume but unable to communicate goals or answer questions posed by the universities will most definitely hamper your chances of securing admission at the school. Our study abroad consultants adopt a Three-pronged approach in assisting applicants with their essays, beginning with ideation followed by editing and then closing it with a quality review by a seasoned professional.

Application Assistance

Whether it is preparation for a video/personal interview, assistance with completing forms or rescaling your academic scores to a 4.0 scale, our study abroad consultants will be there for you and help you navigate through the application maze. We have negotiated rates with leading courier companies to save you money and provide door-to-door pick-up convenience.

Financial Planning

Mission Career works with students and their   family to ease their financial burdens. We create personalized plans for families to manage expenses. We have tie-ups with: (a) leading lenders that offer unsecured loans for the total cost of tuition and room and boarding expenses; and (b) foreign exchange ve   ndors offering forex travel cards, remittances and cash at deeply discounted rates.

Visa Counselling

Mission Career brings your dream of studying a PhD degree to fruition by helping you cross the last hurdle with ease and equanimity. We boast of a 99% success rate in helping students acquire a student visa. We help students to develop confidence and the ‘right’ body language to sail through the interview process by engaging in multiple mock interviews and preparation of required supporting documentation.

Post Landing

Our services continue even after you land by helping you find accommodations, prepare your resume and cover letter, connect with our alumni working at various organizations as well as conduct mock interviews for internships and/or full-time jobs. Our mission is to ensure that our students achieve the objective that they set sail for.

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