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Pre Departure 


 Best travel deals and accurate ticketing through our travel company, best flight connections, and the ease of ticketing through Mission Career- the Travel Expert. 


We are licensed by the Reserve Bank of India to provide you with the best currency exchange rates. Equipped with extensive knowledge and years of experience, our Forex Team mainly focuses on safeguarding your funds. You can also opt for Traveller’s Cheques or Prepaid Travel Cards offered by us. These are safer and more convenient options while travelling abroad. Moreover, we provide safe and secure international money transfers, so your tuition fees reach the University through our safe hands. 













Dependent Visas

For dependents accompanying students, our travel experts are professionals with several years of experience and good knowledge on Visa regulations for various countries. This helps them in managing simple or complex visa transactions. You will always find a dedicated/designated staff at each branch of Mission Career Group to serve you. Everything is taken care of – right from proper documentation to quick and hassle-free processing of your dependent visa application.


The time and money you have invested in your studies Abroad are valuable and it means as much to us as it does to you. We know that every individual has different needs and security woes, from avoiding high international medical costs to ensuring less stress during any loss of luggage.Keeping this very thought in mind, we have tied-up with reputed insurance providers, allowing us to offer multiple travel insurance and medical insurance policies at discounted rates. This gives you the ultimate choice to acquire the perfect travel insurance policy.

Sim Cards

 Choice the SIM and package that meets your budget and requirements. 

Pre Depature Breifing

Leaving to a foreign destination to study may incite worry and anxiety. Our team of travel experts will ensure that candidates are set at ease, and they are absolutely confident in setting foot in a new land.

We provide extensive pre-departure briefings on the boarding process, passing through security checks, and customs at the airport. Our aim is to make sure the student knows what to expect and not surprised about anything when they are about to leave.

We take great care to brief students on the culture and customs of the country too. We also provide practical information on social practices of the country and how they can get a part time job there.

Post Depature-Assistance

Our dedicated team of international program coordinators provide adequate post-landing support to ensure the student goes through a smooth transition in a foreign land. We provide practical services such as facilitating the candidate’s accommodation, picking them up from the airport and making sure, they settle in their rooms.

We also provide comprehensive guidance on how to look for appropriate part-time jobs and give pointers on the work culture in the respective country. We keep in touch with candidates for the duration of their education and equip them to face potential challenges they may encounter in a foreign land.

Once candidates have completed their course in selected countries, we work with them to avail work permits and a residency status. We aim to become a trusted advisor that students can look up to, during and after the course of their overseas study.