What We Offer

Mission Career focuses on assisting students who want to pursue their undergraduate degree or masters degree abroad. Our study abroad consultants take a comprehensive approach to education, going beyond mere numbers and data to truly understand each student’s unique personality. At Mission Career, our aim is to help students discover their true potential and recognize their strengths and areas for improvement. We work closely with students and their families, offering guidance and counseling services to ensure that they make the right choices and maximize their chances of success for their masters or undergraduate courses.

Services We Offer

Our study abroad consultants collaborate with undergraduate degree students to assist them in organizing their thoughts and aspirations related to their research interests. The counseling process begins by understanding the student’s motivation and their goals for the near future as well as the long term. These valuable insights are crucial in developing a customized action plan for the student.

Creating & Building a Profile

Universities have distinct evaluation criteria for the students of  graduate  and undergraduate courses. When it comes to undergraduate degree admissions, the Admission Committee looks for research projects, published papers, and presentations. At Mission Career, we guide our students in building a strong profile by assisting them in exploring various avenues that align with their research interests.

University Selection

Mission Career takes into account the goals and ambitions of each undergraduate degree student to develop a university strategy that aligns with their research interests and fosters career growth. To support our recommendations, Mission Career offers in-depth analysis and feedback on undergraduate student experiences, as well as career opportunities and other relevant factors.

Resume and Cover Letter

Creating a strong resume and cover letter that highlights your research potential is vital because it’s often the first interaction you have with your potential mentor and faculty advisor. Our study abroad consultants collaborate with students to ensure that these documents are concise yet effectively convey the candidate’s motivation and eagerness to contribute to ongoing research at the university.

Essay and Reccomendation

Essays and recommendations are perhaps the most critical aspect of the application process. Having a strong resume but unable to communicate goals or answer questions posed by the universities will most definitely hamper your chances of securing admission at the graduate or undergraduate degree University. Our experienced study abroad consultants collaborate and adopt a Three-pronged approach in assisting applicants with their essays, beginning with ideation followed by editing and then closing it with a quality review by a seasoned professional.

Application Assistance

At Mission Career, our study abroad consultants are dedicated to supporting you pursuing undergraduate courses throughout the application process. Whether you need help preparing for video or personal interviews, completing forms, or converting your academic scores to a 4.0 scale, we’ve got you covered. We have also secured special rates with top courier companies, ensuring cost savings and convenient door-to-door pick-up services.

Financial Planning

Study abroad with Mission Career  helps  students and their families to alleviate their financial burdens. We develop customized plans to help manage expenses effectively. Additionally, we have established partnerships with leading lenders who offer unsecured loans covering the full cost of tuition, room, and boarding expenses. Moreover, we have tie-ups with foreign exchange vendors offering discounted rates on forex travel cards, remittances, and cash transactions. These initiatives aim to provide families with practical solutions for their financial needs or their graduate or undergraduate degree studies.

Visa Counselling

Mission career helps to fruition by helping you cross the last hurdle with ease and equanimity. We boast of a 99% success rate in helping students acquire a student visa. We help students to develop confidence and the ‘right’ body language to sail through the interview process by engaging in multiple mock interviews and preparation of required supporting documentation.

Post Landing

Our study abroad consultants support doesn’t end once you arrive; we continue to assist you throughout your undergraduate degree. We help you secure accommodations, polish your resume and cover letter, facilitate connections with our alumni working in different organizations, and conduct mock interviews for internships or full-time positions. Our mission is to ensure that our students successfully achieve their goals and objectives.

Essay lens

In certain situations, students may have a clear idea of where they want to apply and how the application process works. However, they may be unsure about the quality of their essay and whether it meets the required standards. Mission Career understands the significance of application essays in determining a student’s chances of acceptance and has introduced a solution called ESSAY LENS. This service focuses on reviewing and providing valuable feedback to improve the applicant’s essay for undergraduate degree or masters in any specific course.

For students needing further assistance, our study abroad consultants  offer a more comprehensive service. They help students develop the initial essay topic and work closely with them to draft the essay. Once completed, the essay undergoes a rigorous quality control check to ensure that it is ready for the application process.

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