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Australia is currently a highly sought-after study destination for international students worldwide. The allure of cultural diversity, welcoming locals, and exceptional educational standards makes studying in Australia an attractive choice. If you are looking to study in Australia, Mission Career is here to guide you every step of the way as experienced study abroad consultants. Australian universities, renowned for their research and training methodologies, offer globally recognized qualifications, ensuring a promising future for students. Moreover, the Australian government has established the Australian Quality Assurance Framework, which ensures that all universities in Australia adhere to the highest educational standards, emphasizing structure and rigor. So, when you choose to study abroad with Mission Career in Australia, you can rest assured of receiving top-notch education and earning a degree with international recognition. With our study abroad consultants support, you can discover abundant opportunities to study in Australia, pursue a master’s degree at prestigious universities, and access scholarships designed for international students.

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Degrees obtained from studying in Australia are globally recognized, making the decision to study in Australia a valuable investment in your future with the expert guidance of study abroad consultants.

Explore the plethora of attractive scholarships offered by universities in Australia for masters

  Universities known for being research-focused and technology-driven provide an excellent environment for those looking to study in Australia with the guidance of study abroad consultants.

  When you study in Australia, you gain access to world-class education and training that is recognized and respected internationally.

♦  The nation’s high standard of teachings, advanced facilities, unmatched student’s exposure, and quality lifestyle make study in Australia an obvious choice for international students.

♦  The world-class education curriculum and infrastructure can be experienced when you choose to study in Australia with the assistance of our study abroad consultants, with several universities in Australia for masters and undergrad consistently ranking in the world’s top 100 universities in the world. 

   Universities known for being research-focused and technology-driven provide an excellent environment for those looking to study in Australia.



  • International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours/ 40 Hours per fortnight a week during semesters and full-time during the university holidays.
  • 2 years of stay back


25000 AUD Per year




AUD 15,000 – AUD 23,000

Study in Australia

study in Australia for International Students

Australia has become incredibly popular among international students as a premier study destination. With its commitment to providing top-notch education, study abroad consultants help fulfill the expectations of students from around the world, offering them a truly unique experience. The admission process to study in Australia is relatively flexible, granting easier access to highly ranked universities. Additionally, the accommodating study schedules enable international students to balance their academic pursuits, research, and part-time employment effortlessly. Australia’s multicultural society, coupled with its safe learning environment and welcoming locals, creates a second home for students who are part of Universities in Australia for masters or bachelor’s —an experience that truly lasts a lifetime. Moreover, our  study abroad consultants provide a range of scholarships to support international students, further enhancing the appeal of study in Australia.

Choose Australia to study abroad

Why to choose Australia?

Australian universities are highly regarded worldwide for their exceptional quality of teaching, research, and graduate employment opportunities. This renowned study destination excels in various fields, including science, technology, business, education, and humanities. Whether pursuing a bachelor’s, graduate certificates, diplomas, master’s, or a doctorate, students have a wide range of study options available when they choose to study in Australia. These universities foster an environment that promotes innovation, independent thinking, and creativity. Moreover, while pursuing their study in Australia, students have the flexibility to work part-time. International students also benefit from a two-year post-study work visa, which allows them to explore further opportunities and gain valuable work experience in Australia. It comes as no surprise that Australia ranks as the third most preferred destination for studying abroad, attracting students from around the world seeking a rewarding educational experience.

study in Australia

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities
The University of Queensland, Brisbane
Monash University, Melbourne
The University of Adelaide, South Australia
The University of Newcastle, Callaghan
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Popular Courses
Information Technology and Information System
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Planning and Architecture


VET Education or Diploma Course (Year 1- leading to Degree – Bachelors direct into 2nd Year)

        ♦ Diploma

        ♦ Associate Degree

        ♦ Advanced Diploma

        ♦ Undergraduate

        ♦ Bachelor Degree

        ♦ Bachelor Degree (honors)

        ♦ Post-Graduate Courses

        ♦ Master’s Degree (extended)

        ♦ Master’s Degree (coursework)

        ♦ Master’s Degree (research)

        ♦ Doctorate

        ♦ Vocational and Technical Schools


Australia offers Vocational and Technical studies known to TAFE and VET through various institutes. These institutes offer short courses, certificate courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. These courses are meant to provide training for students in a particular vocation or help them to get out into the workplace.

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Major Courses

Business Management in Australia

Business Management

Engineering in Australia


Agriculture Courses in Australia


Aviation in Australia


Health Science in Australia

Health Science

Hospitality in Australia


Mass Communication in Australia

Mass Communication

IT & Computing in Australia

IT & Computing

Science courses  in Australia


Law courses in Australia


Sports & Games courses in Australia

Sports & Games

Marine courses in Australia


Social Care in Australia

Social Care

Fashion designing in Australia

Fashion Designing

Educational courses in Australia


Art, Design, Music courses in Australia

Arts, Design, Music