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New Zealand, a sovereign island country nestled in the Southwest Pacific Ocean, comprises two main islands—the North Island and the South Island—spanning a total land area of 268,000 square kilometers. Situated approximately 2,000 kilometers east of Australia, across the Tasman Sea, and 1,000 kilometers south of the Pacific island regions of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga, study in New Zealand with the guidance of our  study abroad consultants captivates with its natural beauty. While Wellington serves as the capital, Auckland stands as its most populated city. Beyond its reputation as a scenic wonderland, pursuing study in New Zealand is rapidly emerging as a premier study destination. With English as the predominant language, spoken by 95.4% of the population, studying in New Zealand with the assistance of our study abroad consultants provides a vibrant multicultural environment that seamlessly blends with the country’s cherished outdoor lifestyle.


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New Zealand dollar

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51.2 lakhs (2021)


  • Globally recognized qualifications await those who choose to study in New Zealand.
  • Excellent pedagogy
  • Safe and peaceful, New Zealand provides an ideal environment for those who wish to study in New Zealand.
  • Enhance your quality of life and education with the guidance of our study abroad consultants in New Zealand.
  • Flexible admission requirements make it easier for students to pursue their dream to study in New Zealand.
  • Up to 3 years of post-study work visa can be obtained with the guidance of our study abroad consultants, offering graduates the opportunity to gain valuable work experience after completing their studies.
  • PR (Permanent Residency) opportunity
  • Top universities and institutes with scholarship and internship opportunities await those who choose to study in New Zealand.
  • Work permit for a student’s spouse is an advantage for those who decide to study in New Zealand


  • WORK RIGHTStudents can work up to 20 hours per week part time and 40 hours per week during vacations.

    Level Course Duration
    level 7 Bachelors 3 Years
    level 7 Graduate Diploma 1 year (in Auckland) and 2 years (outside Auckland)
    level 8 Postgraduate Diploma 3 years
    level 9 Masters 3 years


$15,000 per year


February, July


New Zealand’s cost of education is affordable and depends on the level of education and the university.

Masters/PG Diploma:

University – $30,000 – $55,000 (15 to 27 lakhs INR)

ITPs – $19,000 – $25,000 (9.5 to 12.50 lakhs INR)


University – $25,000 – $40,000 (12.50 to 20 lakhs INR)

ITPs – $18,000 – $22,000 (9 to 11 lakhs INR)


University – $25,000 – $33,000 (12.50 to 16.50 lakhs INR)

ITPs – $17,000 – $20,000 (9 to 10 lakhs INR)

LIVING EXPENSE: $15,000 per year

Study in New Zealand

Study in new zealand for International Students

New Zealand has become a favored study destination among international students due to its numerous advantages. The country is renowned globally for providing quality education, offering courses that are more affordable compared to the US and the UK. Moreover, students can enjoy high-quality living conditions and excellent employment opportunities after completing their studies. Study in  New Zealand also provides prestigious scholarships. The support services for international students studying in New Zealand are among the world’s finest, making it one of the most welcoming countries for immigration. If you’re considering higher education, our  study abroad consultants can guide you through the process and ensure a promising and enriching experience in New Zealand.

 choose new Zealand to study abroad

Why to choose new zealand?

New Zealand, a welcoming and peaceful nation, ranks as the world’s second most peaceful country. The presence of all 8 State-Funded Universities within the top 3% of global university rankings reflects its commitment to education excellence. With a lower cost of education and living compared to other study abroad destinations, Study in New Zealand becomes an attractive choice. Its flexible entry requirements and rolling intakes, allowing admissions throughout the year, open doors for international students to pursue their dreams. Scholarships are extended to students from over 90 countries, including India, enhancing accessibility. Fast visa processing, internships, part-time job opportunities, a post-study work visa for up to 3 years, and the chance for permanent residence make studying in New Zealand an all-encompassing experience. When considering higher education, our study abroad consultants can provide essential guidance to ensure a seamless journey to New Zealand.

Study in New Zealand

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  1. Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
  2. University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  3. University of Waikato, Hamilton, North Island
  4. Lincoln University, Lincoln
  5. Auckland University of Technology, Auckland

Popular Courses

  1. Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  2. Construction Management
  3. Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  4. Information Technology
  5. Hospitality and Tourism Management


  • Signed application form
  • Notarised Passport (First and last page)
  • Notarised SSC Mark sheet and Certificate
  • Notarised HSC Mark sheet and Certificate
  • Notarised degree/provisional certificate and all the mark sheets of Bachelors
  • IELTS, TOEFL or PTE score card (Notarised)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (for Masters and PG Diploma only) and work experience (if any)
  • A Statement of purpose (For Masters and PG Diploma only)
  • Work Experience Letter (if any)
  • Resume


Major Courses

Nursing in New Zealand


Information and Communication Technology in New Zealand

Information and Communication Technology

Hospitality and Tourism management in New Zealand

Hospitality and Tourism management

Professional Accounting in New Zealand

Professional Accounting

Culinary Arts in New Zealand

Culinary Arts

Applied Management and Supply Chain Management in New Zealand

Applied Management and Supply Chain Management

Engineering Trades in New Zealand

Engineering Trades

Health Science in New Zealand

Health Science