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Singapore, known for its tropical climate, offers international students a year-round experience of sunny or rainy weather. This eliminates the need for winter clothing, making it convenient for students studying abroad in the country. Study in Singapore presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a well-developed educational system that offers numerous pathways for international students. With education being a top priority, Singapore universities  are recognized as a ‘global schoolhouse.’ The favorable study conditions, coupled with its economic growth, attract universities from around the world, establishing campuses in Singapore alongside their original ones. As a multicultural city, Singapore draws people from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for international students. Our study abroad consultants can further enrich your experience by providing expert guidance and support as you embark on your educational journey in Singapore.


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Singapore dollar

National Language

English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil


54.5 lakhs (2021)


  • Study in Singapore takes great pride in maintaining extremely high standards of teaching and learning
  • Study in Singapore allows students to experience the advantages of a strong research focus in Singaporean universities.
  • Many Singaporean universities have strong links with industry, meaning that you will be able gain practical experience alongside your degree.
  • Singapore was named as one of the world’s safest cities.
  • Singapore has become one of the most important economic centers in Asia and the world.


  • Singapore, international students on a Student Pass in Singapore are eligible to work part-time for about 16 hours a week during term and for unlimited hours during vacation.


Approx 8 – 13 lakhs




S$ 8000 to S$ 15,000 per annum,

Study in SINGAPORE for International Students

Our study abroad consultants can guide you through the process of exploring Singapore, renowned as the IT and Business hub of Asia, a small country with a thriving and stable economy. It stands as an economically attractive and secure choice for international students pursuing higher education in Asia. The Government of Singapore, along with its universities, offers scholarships to facilitate admissions and studies in Singaporean universities. An added advantage is the high likelihood of in-country employment opportunities for international students after graduation.

Why Study in SINGAPORE?

Study in Singapore is one of the best choices in Asia to pursue Business Management, Computing & IT, Hospitality or Tourism courses. The Universities in Singapore are globally recognized and encourage independent learning. High quality education, multiple intakes, possibility of admission & visa without IELTS, shorter duration courses like Masters in 1 year, Bachelors in 2 or 3 years, fast visa process with minimal financial documents, affordable tuition fees and living expenses, paid-unpaid internships are the beneficial aspects for international students to study  in Singapore.

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities / Institutions

  1. S P Jain School of Global Management
  2. SIM Global Education
  3. Curtin Singapore
  4. James Cook University
  5. Management Development Institute of Singapore
Popular Courses
  1. Computing and Information Technology
  2. Business Management
  3. Design (Fashion, Interior, Game) Management
  4. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  5. Engineering and Science


VET Education or Diploma Course (Year 1- leading to Degree – Bachelors direct into 2nd Year)

        ♦ Diploma

        ♦ Associate Degree

        ♦ Advanced Diploma

        ♦ Undergraduate

        ♦ Bachelor Degree

        ♦ Bachelor Degree (honors)

        ♦ Post-Graduate Courses

        ♦ Master’s Degree (extended)

        ♦ Master’s Degree (coursework)

        ♦ Master’s Degree (research)

        ♦ Doctorate

        ♦ Vocational and Technical Schools


Entry Requirement


Major Courses

Business Admistration


Tourism & Hospitality Management

Information Technology