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Explore the wonders of Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, by choosing to study abroad with a Mission Career. It ranks as the 3rd largest country in the European Union by area, boasting a population of approximately 9.5 million. Sweden stands as one of the world’s most modern nations and serves as the birthplace of numerous successful corporations. Its universities in Sweden and companies have pioneered a range of groundbreaking inventions, including the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the ball bearing, the dialysis machine, and internet applications like Spotify and Skype. Notably, Sweden is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize and hosts several highly acclaimed universities dating back to the 15th Century. Our study abroad consultants can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring that your educational journey to Sweden is both fulfilling and successful.


  • Sweden ranks among the world’s most innovative nations, and it has been called the most digitally connected economy. When you choose to study in Sweden, you’re immersing yourself in an environment that fosters cutting-edge advancements and embraces digital connectivity at its core. The universities in Sweden contribute significantly to this innovative landscape, providing students with the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological and intellectual progress. Our study abroad consultants can provide essential insights into these programs, guiding students to choose the best-fit courses that align with their career aspirations and goals.
  • The Swedish higher education system is well known  for its great aspect, and several Swedish universities are rated as being globally best . When you decide to study in Sweden, you’re positioning yourself to receive top-notch education from institutions that have consistently earned global recognition for their excellence.
  • The Swedish education system targets more on your scholastic  interests than pushing you to achieve a grade. This student-centered approach creates an environment where learning is about exploration and growth. When you choose to study in Sweden, you’ll experience education that values your intellectual curiosity and personal development. The universities in Sweden are committed to nurturing this approach, offering diverse programs and resources that encourage students to flourish both academically and personally.
  • Degree curriculum in Sweden offers international students the liberty  to mix study and practical work, providing them with valuable first-hand experience in their chosen field. This unique approach prepares graduates to seamlessly transition into the job market with real-world skills. When you choose to study in Sweden, you embrace an education that bridges theory and practice, setting you up for success in your future career .Our  study abroad consultants can further enhance your journey by offering expert guidance and support, ensuring that you make the most of your educational experience in Sweden.
  • IELTS/TOEFL not required for Engineers is great news for those planning to study in Sweden. This policy reflects Sweden’s commitment to attracting international talent and providing a smooth pathway for engineering students to pursue their education without the additional burden of language proficiency exams. Universities in Sweden embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive learning environment, where students from around the world can excel in their chosen fields without language barriers hindering their progress.

  • Almost everyone in Sweden speaks English nowadays; 89 percent of Swedes are bilingual, so international students from English-speaking countries need not worry about not being able to communicate if they don’t speak Swedish. When you decide to study in Sweden, you’ll find a highly inclusive and accessible environment where language won’t be a barrier to your academic and social experiences. Study abroad consultants can provide essential insights into these programs, guiding students to choose the best-fit courses that align with their career aspirations and goals.

  • New funds acceptable for visa make the process even more accessible for those looking to study in Sweden. This policy update demonstrates Sweden’s dedication to facilitating the visa application process, ensuring that prospective students have the necessary financial means to support their education and stay in the country.
  • Spouse cases accepted further enhance the appeal for those considering to bring their partners while they study in Sweden. This welcoming policy allows students to embark on their educational journey while also having the opportunity to be accompanied by their spouses, fostering a supportive environment for both personal and academic growth.


Official Name

Kingdom of Sweden




Swedish kronar

National Language



1.02 crores (2019)


  • Sweden permits students to work for unlimited hours during the course of their study.
  • 12 months of stay back 


8514 SEK per month




 8,000 Euro to 13,000 Euro per year

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Study in SWEDEN for International Students

Sweden, recognized as one of the world’s most innovative nations, offers a welcoming environment for international students seeking to study in Sweden. Emphasizing sustainable development, Sweden extends its commitment to education, aligning it with the principles of sustainability. Furthermore, Sweden’s natural beauty is truly captivating, featuring a diverse range of landscapes that include expansive forests, stunning beaches, and majestic snow-capped mountains. With over 4,000 natural reserves, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in leisure activities such as skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, and more, adding to the richness of their experience while completing study in SwedenOur Study abroad consultants play a vital role in guiding students through this transformative journey, helping them navigate the application process, choose the right university, and make the most of their educational adventure in Sweden.

Why to choose SWEDEN?

Study in Sweden for its excellence in education, boasts some of the world’s finest universities that foster creativity and innovation. With the highest number of multinationals per capita globally, Sweden offers students unparalleled opportunities to connect with a vast international network through internships integrated into many programs. A unique aspect of study in Sweden is the absence of a legal limit on working hours for students during their course, providing greater flexibility. Alongside its thriving culture that promotes diversity and equality, Sweden creates a welcoming and supportive environment for international students pursuing their studies. Our study abroad consultants serve as invaluable guides, assisting students in exploring the myriad possibilities offered by Swedish universities and helping them navigate the intricate journey of studying abroad.

Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  1. Uppsala University
  2. University of Skovde
  3. Halmstad University
  4. Jonkoping University
  5. Dalarna University

Popular Courses

  1. Masters in Engineering Management
  2. Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Masters in Entrepreneurship
  4. Masters in Supply Chain Management
  5. Masters in Renewable Energy

Australia offers Vocational and Technical studies known to TAFE and VET through various institutes. These institutes offer short courses, certificate courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. These courses are meant to provide training for students in a particular vocation or help them to get out into the workplace.

Entry Requirement


Have successfully completed their upper secondary (high school) (Minimum 60% in 12 th std)
The student must have successfully completed courses in Mathematics
To be able to demonstrate proficiency in English (IELTS- 6.5 with no band less than 5.5)


Have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to Swedish kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university. (Completion of 4 years of Bachelors / 3 year Bachelor’s + 2 years Master’s degree in relevant study with minimum 60%)
To be able to demonstrate proficiency in English (IELTS -6.5 with no band less than 6.0 (waiver possible for Engineering sudents)

Major Courses


International Business

IT & Management

Political Studies

Manufacturing Engineering

Robotics & Automation

Child & Youth Study

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

International Marketing

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Global Management

International Financial Analysis

Digital Business

Economic Analysis

Engineering Management

Product Development

Product Development & Material Engineering

Industrial Design

Sustainable Building Information Management

Sustainable Communication

Interventions in Childhood