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Our MS Counselling service is focused on helping students develop the ideal platform to embark upon a successful career.

A Master of Science (MS) degree is a specialized program that focuses on research and scientific learning. It typically requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field as a prerequisite and is offered by educational institutions worldwide. MS  in abroad can be pursued in various disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, management, information science, engineering, medicine, aviation, environmental studies, and space studies. Many graduates who complete the MS  in abroad choose to further their education by pursuing a doctoral or Ph.D. program. In most countries, master degree abroad programs serve as an extension of undergraduate studies and provide advanced preparation for research. Students interested in pursuing a doctorate often utilize the master’s program to initiate their research focus, which involves independent studies, workshops, and seminars. Some top universities abroad also offer integrated programs that combine undergraduate and master’s degrees, known as Integrated M.Sc./B.S. + M.S. programs.

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During the counseling process, the main objective is to recognize the unique qualities of an individual that will set them apart from others. Our study abroad consultants focus on working closely with the individual to assist them in achieving admission to their desired university. This is achieved through multiple interactions throughout the application process, providing guidance and support when you decide to study abroad with mission career for a Master degree.


At Mission Career, the counseling process starts by gaining insight into the individual’s achievements, job experiences, responsibilities, and involvements beyond work. This is accomplished through close collaboration to create a concise and clear resume. The resume plays a crucial role in the application process of Ms in abroad as it offers the admission committee a concise overview of the applicant on a single page.

Identification and goal aspiration

In numerous instances, individuals considering a Masters degree abroad  may have a desire to pursue it without a clear understanding of the intended outcome, purpose, or goals. At Mission Career, we aim to assist applicants in clarifying their thoughts and identifying their short-term and long-term objectives. Our study abroad consultants work closely with students to develop a customized path that encompasses the necessary components such as essays, resumes, and interviews to help them achieve their goals in pursuing MS in abroad degree.

School Selection

After understanding the applicant’s goals and aspirations, Mission Career will suggest suitable schools that align with their career objectives and geographic preferences. When making recommendations, Our study abroad consultants consider factors such as the potential for gaining work experience and residency in the chosen country, the return on investment, and the possibility of securing scholarships. These considerations aim to ensure that the applicant receives guidance tailored to their needs while pursuing a Masters degree abroad.

Essay and Reccomendation

Essays and recommendations hold immense importance in the application process for  MS in abroad. Even with a well-crafted resume, the inability to effectively express goals or respond to university inquiries can significantly impact admission prospects. Mission Career’s Study abroad consultants have a comprehensive approach to support applicants with their essays, starting with generating ideas, followed by editing, and concluding with a thorough quality review conducted by an experienced professional. This approach ensures that applicants receive the necessary assistance in creating impactful essays for their MS applications.

Interview Preparation

After putting in tremendous effort to write essays, experiencing setbacks during the interview process can be disheartening. At Mission Career, we prioritize the preparedness of our applicants for interviews. We conduct multiple rounds of mock interviews, persisting until we are confident in the applicant’s responses. This rigorous practice and guidance aim to ensure that applicants are well-equipped and confident during their Master’s degree program interviews.

Financial Planning

Mission Career collaborates with students’ families to alleviate their financial burdens when pursuing an MS degree. We develop customized plans to help families manage expenses effectively. Additionally, we have established partnerships with reputable lenders offering unsecured loans that cover tuition, room, and boarding costs. Furthermore, we have tie-ups with foreign exchange vendors providing discounted rates on forex travel cards, remittances, and cash transactions. These initiatives aim to provide families with practical solutions to manage their finances while pursuing an MS in abroad.

Visa Counselling

Mission Career is dedicated to turning your dream of studying abroad into a reality by providing seamless assistance in overcoming the final hurdle. With an impressive success rate of 99% in securing student visas, we empower students with the necessary confidence and the “right” body language to excel in the interview process. Through multiple mock interviews and meticulous preparation of required supporting documentation, we ensure students are well-prepared and poised to navigate the visa application process smoothly while pursuing their MS degree.

Post Landing

Our commitment to you extends beyond your arrival as we provide ongoing support to help you find accommodations, refine your resume and cover letter, establish connections with our alumni network working across different organizations, and conduct mock interviews for internships and full-time employment opportunities. Our mission is to ensure that you accomplish the goals you have set for your MS journey, offering comprehensive guidance every step of the way

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