Salient Features

  • Why should you choose Mission Career Services?
    If you have ever cherished a dream to study abroad, then Mission Career offers a one-stop-solution to all your queries. At Mission Career, our study abroad consultants make every possible effort to provide students, a smooth and convenient process of relocation for higher education. With years of experience  as study abroad consultants, Mission Career has emerged as the most admired service provider among students who want to study abroad.
  • Opportunity to meet representatives from different universities
    At Mission Career, students who want to study abroad get the opportunity to meet representatives of a varied range of universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and Germany, along with experienced study abroad consultants.
  • Direct Interviews
    At Mission Career we arrange student’s Direct Interviews with the Representatives of the Universities facilitated by  experienced study abroad consultants which helps them to communicate about their study abroad process.
  • Assistance in selecting the University
    Our study abroad consultants offer complete assistance to students in selecting Universities / Colleges with affordable tuition fees to suit their requirements, interests and capabilities.
  • Assistance in Course selection
    Our study abroad consultants provide assistance to students as per their educational qualification and interest, along with conducting career & aptitude tests in some cases, we are dedicated to ensuring your study in abroad experience is tailored to perfection.
  • Expert’s Advice
    At Mission Career, our study abroad consultants offer you the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with expert Directors and Counselors. These professionals bring their significant experience and background in the field of study abroad, ensuring you receive the best guidance and support for your educational journey.
  • Application and Visa Assistance
    Our dedicated study abroad consultants provide complete and customized assistance to the students throughout their application and visa process. This personalized support ensures a smooth and hassle-free study abroad journey, helping you achieve your educational aspirations with confidence.
  • Trained Faculty
    At Mission Career our only aim is to guide students with the trained faculty during their study abroad process. We assure our students by providing excellent study abroad consultants, certified staff, imparting training for exams and visa interview preparation.
  • Study Material
    At Mission Career, as study abroad consultants, we provide students with access to comprehensive study materials in the form of CDs, brochures, video tapes, and application forms. Our personalized approach ensures individual attention, along with expert coaching and guidance for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE preparations. Our knowledgeable faculty and well-resourced library are resources that students can utilize throughout their study abroad journey.

About Mission Career

Over the past two decades, India has established itself as a significant contributor to the global workforce, actively engaging in the dynamics of the “flat world.” This has led to an increasing trend among Indians to go beyond their national borders and explore study abroad opportunities, fueled by the aspiration for individual growth and enhanced career prospects with the valuable guidance of dedicated study abroad consultants.

Recognizing the growing demand to support the ever-increasing number of Indian professionals seeking global opportunities, Mission Career was established in 2009 for the students who want to study in abroad. The prime objective of our study abroad consultants is to address the students by providing them with comprehensive assistance during their study abroad process.

How can we help

  • Stepping stones to success in education abroad
     Our Study abroad consultants only aim is to assist students to move to the best colleges and universities abroad, and create great career opportunities for them. For the last five years of our experience Mission Career has mastered the art and science of  study abroad. With such expert study abroad consultants, Mission Career has the ability to identify the most suitable university for each student. Recognizing that every aspiring student seeking to study abroad deserves optimal guidance tailored to their profile, Mission Career meticulously strategizes the entire process of facilitating students’ transition to foreign universities. The methodical approach, coupled with robust partnerships with universities, proves invaluable to those who entrust Mission Career as their study abroad consultant. With a strong emphasis on personalized support, Mission Career serves as a comprehensive solution hub for all study abroad inquiries and concerns, ensuring that students have a seamless journey towards their international education endeavors.
  • Why Mission Career?
    With Expert study abroad consultants and capability to provide solutions to every issue raised by the students and long term association with universities and institutes worldwide
  • Expert and experienced professionals
    The best thing about Mission Career is their study abroad consultants  and guidance for the selection of courses across Universities over the world. It also provides complete and impartial information on study abroad. Majority are the references of previous students who trusted us  and who were satisfied with a successful  study abroad journey.
    Mission Career specializes in providing attention to students’ applications. With the expertise of dedicated study abroad consultants, we ensure that each application is meticulously refined and presented during the study abroad process. At Mission Career, students receive comprehensive and detailed information through various resources, including library CD’s, brochures, and application forms. Additionally, our services encompass coaching for various exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, and GRE, all tailored to enhance students’ preparedness for their international educational journey
  • Education Fairs
    Mission Career is committed to extending its reach to aspiring students eager to study abroad. With this goal in mind, Mission Career frequently hosts Education Fairs across the nation. These events receive significant acclaim from students, as they offer a unique opportunity to interact with representatives from various universities and receive comprehensive guidance on study abroad procedures. Our dedicated team of study abroad consultants ensures that students gain valuable insights and support throughout their journey towards international education.
  • Guidance on Visa
    Securing an approved visa is a challenging yet crucial aspect of the study abroad journey. Our role encompasses comprehensive assistance throughout the visa application process. This includes aiding in form completion, organizing financial statements, and providing extensive training for simulated interviews. The team at Mission Career, along with our study abroad consultants, stay consistently informed about the most recent visa document regulations. This knowledge equips us to direct candidates in presenting their paperwork impeccably, minimizing obstacles in their study abroad aspirations.
  • Financial Guidance
    Financial considerations play a pivotal role in realizing your study abroad aspirations. At Mission Career, our study abroad consultants are dedicated to offering students comprehensive guidance regarding education loans. We possess extensive knowledge about a range of national banks that offer loans at competitive rates, as well as various approved financial institutions and private banks providing financial assistance. This is an integral aspect of the consistent support we provide to all our registered students pursuing their dream of studying abroad. 
  • Forex Support
    At Mission Career, our study abroad consultants extend comprehensive support for FOREX transactions at competitive exchange rates, ensuring a swift process. We offer valuable assistance in various services, including the preparation of Demand Drafts, International Debit Cards, Traveling Cheques, Wire Transfers, and currency exchange shortly before your actual travel.

What we do?

Our dedicated study abroad consultants comprehend the significance of your aspirations and are committed to assisting you in realizing your dreams. We steer students towards immersive study abroad programs available in prestigious colleges, universities, and institutes worldwide. Furthermore, we adeptly prepare aspirants to tackle global challenges, enhance their skill sets, and facilitate a seamless study abroad process by our study abroad consultants.

Our Vision

  Mission Career envisions becoming a leading study abroad agency committed to   empowering individuals in achieving their academic and career goals through   international education. Our vision is to create a transformative experience for   students, helping them broaden their horizons, develop a global perspective, and   acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected     world.

   Mission Career envisions being a dynamic and compassionate study abroad agency       that not only facilitates academic pursuits but also nurtures the holistic development of individuals, preparing them to be global citizens and leaders in their chosen fields.

We Offer you


We do offer students who want to study abroad extensive support through our committed and friendly study abroad consultants. Mission Career services reaches out to all in looking for higher education from school to graduation, research and executive, skill-based study in abroad programs.